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Support pads and road plates

in plastic

Support pads and road plates in wood, steel and plastic

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Support pads in plastic

Support pads made of plastic are an ideal aid for accepting vertical forces and distributing these over a larger area. If the weather conditions and transverse forces are unfavourable, it can be useful if the surface is rough and has a high coefficient of friction.

Our support pads are also available with anti-slip protection and stackable. In cases of transverse loading, as occurs on many platforms, anti-slip protection provided by a milled border can be of use. We offer a milled stacking edge for different pad types in order to improve stackability of the pads and therefore more stable setup of several pads together.

Heavy support pads of over 50 kg in weight are very difficult to handle alone on the construction site. Round pads are a good alternative. Even pads weighing 90 kg can be transported easily from one workplace to the next, and therefore decrease the setup times on site.

Road plates save you time and money

Road plates can be used without problems. They can be used to form stable vehicular routes over long distances, or erected to form working platforms, and can last for years. The application possibilities are practically unlimited. They help to reduce renaturation costs on golf courses, at public utility companies, landscape conservation, cemeteries, drill holes and other similar deployment areas, and also prevent heavy equipment getting stuck in the mud.

We also offer a more inexpensive version with plane surface in addition to our standard road plates. However, a road plate with structured surface has considerable advantages for slip prevention on fields and also on sandy or muddy ground. The structured surface also shows its strengths when driving down inclines. If, however, the main task is to protect turf, kerbstones or other sensitive foundations, plates with a plane surface are an inexpensive and sufficient alternative.

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