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Static calculations and data

Static calculations and data

The training provided to your crane operator and his sense of proportion is decisive for safe work, as is the stability of the support pads. For this reason we have simulated and calculated the statics for our standard sizes under real conditions as a useful orientation aid.

The result is not just a realistic estimation of the maximum subsoil loading, but also of the maximum load bearing capacity of our support pads under difficult conditions on soft ground, as shown here with our pad of size 400 x 400 x 40 mm.

The plastic pad weather resistance is exceptional, the physical properties including a module of elasticity of 1000 N/mm2 and a bending strength of 40 N/mm2 are, thanks to the high-quality materials used, far higher than the standards achieved by conventional cheap plastics.

Our excavator mattresses also use high-quality timber combinations, especially when used with a Bongossi core (module of elasticity 21,420 N/mm2, bending strength 162 N/mm2). Bongossi timber is also resistant to fungus and termites, and conforms to durability class I.

Support pads made of steel are unrivalled for really heavy situations. The relationship between price, weight and load-bearing capacity must be just right here as well. We provide the purchaser with a static verification as a calculation basis for his project with each of our steel support pads.

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Static calculations and data  
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